Find your song

by atlantic

Everyone has a life out there somewhere in the world that is waiting to be their song. For some it might be simply raising a family. Or standing on a stage somewhere entertaining people. For others, it could be serving their country and community as soldiers, fire or police men. And there’s even one or two folks out there that just want to lie on a beach and drink margaritas all day. I don’t really know exactly what my song is yet; it probably won’t ending up matching Jimmy’s note for note. I do know that the search is the important thing, to not waste your life living a song that isn’t your own. I’ve learned the melody of mine and can hum the refrain, but there’s still a lot to be written. Until then, I”m gonna just keep on jammin’. May you find your own song and live it always.

I’m gonna life my life like a Jimmy Bufffett Song – Anthony Bjorklund